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60-Second Checkup
60-Second Checkup

Ask your hometown radio stations to subscribe to the 60-Second Checkup series. Have them call Christopher Michael at 847-581-1478 for more information.

2007 Series

December’s 60-Second Checkup


October’s 60-Second Checkup

Respiratory therapist, Ken Thigpen, discusses career opportunities in respiratory care.

September’s 60-Second Checkup

This month, Mary Katherine Gilley, RRT discusses the link between depression and smoking.

August’s 60-Second Checkup

RRT Daniel Rowley speaks about Finding Asthma Earlier in this month’s 60 Second Checkup.

July’s 60-Second Checkup

Trish Blakely and she is talking about Using Oxygen on Airlines

April’s 60-Second Checkup

This month’s edition features Steven Paganella from Lakeland, Florida discussing COPD.

March’s 60-Second Checkup

This month’s edition features Karla Smith on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

February’s 60-Second Checkup

This month’s edition features Allen Wentworth on Spirometry testing


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