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Dinnertime Conversation Matters

The family gathering at the evening meal could lead to better health for kids with asthma. Illinois researchers find children who spent dinnertime talking with their parents about their day were less likely to experience severe asthma symptoms than those who spent dinnertime watching TV or listening to their parents talk on the phone.

The Upside of Allergies

Allergy sufferers generally don’t see a bright side to the condition, but according to U.S. investigators there might be one. In their study, the more allergies someone had, the lower their odds of having a common type of brain tumor. The people with brain tumors in this study reported fewer allergies than those without brain tumors.

Daily Controller Meds Might Not Be Necessary for Everyone

University of Arizona researchers have suggested that an inhaler that combines a preventer medication with a reliever medication might be able to control mild persistent asthma in children who can’t adhere to daily use of a controller medication. The study notes it may also eliminate the adverse effect controller medications can have on growth.

Antibiotic-Asthma Link Debunked

Previous studies showing a link between antibiotic use in infancy and a higher risk for asthma may be fatally flawed, according to Dutch researchers. The reason? They didn’t account for the fact that babies prone to wheezing are more likely to be prescribed antibiotics for chest colds. In other words, antibiotics may just be used more often to treat wheezing infants who are already developing asthma.

Many People Not Using Their Inhalers Correctly

A new study by researchers at the University of Chicago finds most people with asthma and other respiratory conditions make a lot of mistakes when using their inhalers. But the good news is they improve markedly when they receive instruction on the correct use of the devices.

Dermatitis May Forewarn Food Allergies

If your child suffers from atopic dermatitis, you may want to be on the lookout for food allergies. Oregon dermatologists find the skin condition may actually precede the development of food allergies in infants and toddlers, rather than just be a symptom of food allergies that already exist.


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