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Keeping Kids Safe at School
The Allergy & Asthma Network has some good advice for parents who want to make sure their children with allergies and asthma are learning in a safe and healthy environment. On the list: request to tour the school to look for triggers and meet with school staff, including the school nurse, to go over your child’s specific needs.

Sinus Surgery Improves Sleep
A new study out of the University of Utah finds sleep improved after functional endoscopic sinus surgery in patients with and without sleep disorders. While the link between sleep and sinus problems is unclear, the researchers believe changes in how air flows through the nose and airways or how sleep alters the body’s ability to fight infections might be coming into play.

Asthma Drugs Linked to Stunted Growth
Researchers from Finland who followed more than 12,480 children have found that those who were given the asthma medications fluticasone and budesonide in the first two years of life were on average about an inch shorter than their peers. Doctors stop short of recommending against the use of these drugs in children with asthma, however, noting asthma can be a fatal disease if not properly treated. They do recommend that physicians keep careful tabs on growth in these children.

Vaccines Rarely Cause Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions: CDC
A U.S. government study has reassuring news for concerned parents: vaccines rarely trigger serious and potentially fatal allergic reactions.

Sensor and Smartphone App Help People Control Asthma
This pocket-sized sensor with supporting smartphone app can measure lung function with what some call “medical-grade” accuracy.

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