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Whooping Cough Epidemic Claims Ten Lives
A whooping cough epidemic has affected nearly 6,000 people in California since the beginning of the year, with ten deaths in infants under age three months reported as of late October. The outbreak is being called the worst in 60 years.

Vaccination is the Best Protection Against the Flu
The government’s flu website recommends getting your family vaccinated against the flu to protect them against the seasonal infection and its complications.

Stressed Out Moms Worsen Children’s Asthma
Japanese researchers find overprotective moms make asthma worse for kids over age seven. For younger kids, it’s the tendency to get irritated or angry or suppress expressions of emotion.

Telehealth Could Benefit People with Severe Asthma
A review of 21 previous studies finds people with severe asthma who take part in a telehealth program are significantly less likely to wind up in the hospital than those who do not.

Bacterial Infections Cause Asthma Attacks Too
A new study out of Denmark suggests bacterial infections may be as much to blame for asthma attacks as viral infections. In a study involving 361 asthmatic children between the ages of four weeks and three years, they found the two infections led to about the same number of attacks.

Vitamin D Good for Asthma
A review of nearly 60 years worth of research suggests vitamin D may have a role to play in managing asthma. In the studies, vitamin D deficiency was linked to increased airway reactivity, lower lung function, and worse asthma control. The authors believe vitamin D may help protect the lungs from inflammation, which is a hallmark of asthma.



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