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When to Call the Doctor

Treatment of COPD

 When to Call Your Doctor
  • If it is an emergency call 911
  • If you are having any signs or symptoms of a respiratory flare-up:
    • Increased shortness of breath
    • Not feeling well, your usual daily activities may be more tiring and require more physical effort.
    • Increased amount of mucus. It may also be thicker and greenish in color.
    • Increased need for lung medication
    • Recent viral or bacterial infection
    • Wheezing
    • Exposure to high pollution levels
    • Exposure to irritants; chemicals, smoke, dust, etc.
    • Fever
    • For further information see Flare-ups
  • If you, or others, see changes in your “normal” breathing: slow, shallow, rapid, difficult, and/or irregular breathing.  
  • Unusual and/or frequent headaches
  • You, or others, see a blue tint to your lips or fingernails
  • Increased drowsiness
  • Onset of confusion
  • Increased level of restlessness
  • Unexplained anxiousness and/or anxiety
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