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How to Locate an Oxygen Supplier

Treatment of COPD

How to Locate an Oxygen Supplier

Medicare has resource tool that will help you to find medical equipment companies who supply oxygen (as well as other home medical equipment). You enter in your zip code and needed equipment and a list of companies is produced. Additionally, information about Medicare reimbursement is produced.

The web site address is:


Questions to Ask When Choosing an Oxygen Supplier

  • What is available, can they supply the needed equipment?
  • What insurance do they accept?
  • Are they available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • How do they train the employees who will be involved in your care?
  • Do they supply references?
  • Are they willing to answer questions?
  • Do they follow your doctor’s orders?
  • Do they provide education in the home?
  • Are written instructions available?


Certain insurance policies may pay for all your oxygen, but payment is based on laboratory results, diagnosis, and other information. Your physician or medical equipment and services provider may be able to answer your questions about coverage.

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